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Our suite of programs facilitates rapid exploration, evaluation, and development of AI-driven solutions for startups and enterprises. We believe AI, combined with human ingenuity, unlocks limitless potential.ll

Who We Are

Built on the pre-pandemic legacy of BrandGarage, a trailblazing firm that transformed the startup and enterprise co-innovation landscape, FutureProof Labs proudly upholds a tradition of serving renowned clients in the new era of AI.

FutureProof Labs is a pioneering strategic advisory and technological solutions firm deeply entrenched in both the AI startup ecosystem and the enterprise domain.

Our roots in BrandGarage connect us to an impressive roster of clients who have witnessed remarkable results, including double-digit revenue growth and market expansion, thanks to our strategic guidance and innovative technology partners. These clients span various industries and verticals, including Comcast NBCUniversal, Novartis, Lowe's, HP, Coca-Cola,
L'Oreal, and Capital One.

Our commitment is unwavering—empowering forward-thinking organizations not only to reimagine their core operations but also to forge new ventures, igniting growth and fostering innovation across industries.

AI + Humans =
Endless Possibilities

What We Do

At FutureProof Labs, we offer a suite of programs to help startups and enterprises rapidly explore, evaluate, and build AI-driven solutions tailored to their strategic needs. From hands-on hackathons to focused proofs of concept to piloting emerging startups, our experts facilitate productive collaborations that yield tangible innovation.

With FutureProof Labs as your AI innovation partner, you can rapidly turn ideas into reality and build your competitive edge through applied AI. Our immersive programs provide unique access to AI talent and technology so you can invent transformative solutions today to future-proof your business.

Our Services

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AI Proof-of-Concepts

AI Proof of Concept Sprints

We guide focused sprints for your team to work directly with our AI engineers to develop working concept prototypes that demonstrate the art of the possible with AI. These rapid PoCs validate AI feasibility for priority use cases and provide tangible examples to inform your AI strategy and roadmap.

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AI Driven Startup Pilots

AI Startup Pilot Studio

We provide enterprises with structured programs to pilot cutting-edge solutions from AI startups. Our experts curate relevant startups, evaluate technology viability, manage pilot iterations, and provide recommendations.

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AI Driven Hackathons

AI Innovation Hackathons

We facilitate immersive hackathons connecting your cross-functional teams with our AI experts to rapidly ideate and build AI prototype solutions. These highly collaborative events provide hands-on AI learning and equip your teams to identify high-potential AI applications tailored to your business goals.



Mark Evans

As the Founder of FutureProof Labs, I'm driven by a relentless passion for innovation and a proven track record in revolutionizing corporate landscapes at the intersection of Silicon Valley and the global market. Building on the esteemed legacy of BrandGarage, a pioneering firm that reshaped the startup and enterprise co-innovation landscape, I'm now diving headfirst into the unfolding AI era. Join me, and let's shape the future together.

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1890 Sweet William Ct.

San Francisco, CA 94514





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